FDES, noEcho® acoustic panel


The INIES database references the Environmental and Sanitary Declaration Sheet for the noEcho® acoustic panel

What is the INIES database ?

The INIES database is the national reference database on environmental and health data on construction products and equipment. INIES provides you with Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets (EDS) for construction products and Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) for building equipment, provided by manufacturers or professional associations in the format of the European standard NF EN 15804 and its national complement for construction products and the standard NF XP C08-100-1 and the PCR ed.3 for equipment.

The operation of the INIES database is ensured by the supervisory board and the technical committee. The supervisory board, chaired by the Alliance HQE-GBC, ensures the ethics and deontology of the INIES database. The technical committee oversees the collection and processing of data and the updating of the database's content.

Developed since 2004, it is an operational and essential tool for the generalization of eco-design of buildings.

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Who produced this environmental and health declaration form ?

It is an individual FDES that has been produced by th FCBA, a French industrial technical center whose mission is to promote technical progress. It is valid for 5 years.



Where can I find this sheet ?

It can be downloaded from our website, in this section, or on the page describing our structural systems. You will also find the technical description and an acoustic test report for the noEcho® acoustic panel.

It can also be consulted on the INIES website : HERE