Agora - Auditorio desmontable

Imagine : in a building erected as fast as a circus tent in a noisy city square, there is perfect silence on stage as an aria or speech begins.

Imagine : an amplified musical, touring with its own made-to-measure facilities, can set up in a city centre instead of on a peripheral car park.

Imagine : a marginalised town or suburb which could never dream of building its own arts centre can -for the fraction of the cost of a new building- have a functionally-equivalent facility a few weeks after order.

Imagine : a summer festival where audiences and technicians risk heat exhaustion can offer a climate-controlled, bespoke space erected in days.


In association with the sector-leading carpenters CBS-LIFTEAM, Studio Andrew Todd are pleased to propose a turnkey, fast-build, flexible, reusable auditorium building system almost entirely in biosourced materials.

The system is intended to provide an unprecedented answer to a market requirement for thermally and acoustically insulated large-scale temporary buildings for many uses.

The system is available in two variants: indoor or weatherproofed. In the former case it can be erected in hangars and warehouses where there are no environmental loads. In the latter, it can be built for short or long durations, and is adapted to local urban, environmental and climatic conditions.

The basic system provides an industry-standard and norm-compliant building envelope and a variable seating structure for up to 600 people. Provision of building services (mechanical air supply, heating and cooling, lighting), annexe facilities (back and front of house, toilets, catering) and performance technical fit-out, are adapted to location, standards and context, as much as possible using rental material.

Featuring the timeless beauty of structural timber as its primary material, Agora is designed to allow safe erection by a crew of eight people in a matter of a few days (depending on site conditions and constraints).

The system is conceived to extract maximum use-value (and therefore sustainability) from a kit of parts which has -by definition- already captured carbon instead of emitting it. Repetitive modules can be assembled in multiple forms, whether rectilinear, circular or elliptical. The vertical structure provides construction platforms, public balconies and technical access.

Based on 50 years’ combined industry-leading experience in modular wood construction and arts facilities, the Agora demountable auditorium system benefits from several patented elements, and is -as a whole- a registered concept and process. The Agora team can conceive, adapt, brief, supply, erect, maintain, dismantle and store the system according to a wide range of uses and geographical conditions. The system is designed in detail and precisely costed.

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