Industrial homologated strength grading machine for timber (EN14081-4)

TRIOMATIC is a strength grading machine using ultrasound to evaluate the mechanical performances of timber structural elements according to the EN338 standard.

TRIOMATIC is an industrial machine homologated according to EN14081-4 European standard.

TRIOMATIC measures transversally fed sawing thanks to two transducers, one emitter and one receiver. Moisture content and local density are two additional parameters to grade timber with the best yields.

Several pairs of transducers can be installed in parallel to improve the grading cadence.

TRIOMATIC can grade large section beams.

SCIERIUS software collects TRIOMATIC data for timber grading and manages the logistics around the machine (grading mode, strength box assignment, wood marking…).

LOGAMATIC is the TRIOMATIC version for round wood (logs).


• Van Hoorebeke Timber, Gand, Belgium

• Ecotim, La Rochette, France

• Bois des Alpes (mobile version), France


Grading speed 40 pieces / minute with one pair of transducers
Measuring length Up to 15m long
Sawing feeding Transversal mode
Parameters registered Time of flight of low frequency ultrasound waves (22kHz)
  Wood local density
  Wood moisture content
  Wood weight
  Wood length
  Wood section (optional)
Marking According to current CE marking prerogatives
SCIERIUS software TRIOMATIC data analysis software for PC (Windows)


TRIOMATIC can be proposed in a mobile version and for logs (LOGAMATIC)



TRIOMATIC is an homologated strength grading machine for timnber (EN14081-4).

A mobile version is available: installed on a trailer, the machine can grade timber on different production sites.