• Pavilion "It plays !", Rome (Italy)

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  • Pauline Roland High School, Chevilly-Larue (France)

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  • Maison de la B, Mitry-Mory (France)

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  • Head office of ÖkoFEN, Saint-Baldoph (France)

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  • Sports facilities, Vanves (France)

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Department specialized in innovative long span wooden structures including design, production and building.
Department specialised in wood quality assessment by using non destructive technologies

Our story

A passion instilled by Jean-Luc Sandoz since 1991! A carpenter and roofer from the age of 15, he became a wood engineer at ENSTIB and then a wood structure expert at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne before teaching there and directing the wood development laboratory (IBOIS/EPFL) until 1999, when he devoted himself exclusively to the development of his wood/biosourced designer-builder group.

The CBS-Lifteam group is specialized in the design and realization of innovative wood structures with large spans.




Key dates
1991 - CBS (Concepts Bois Structure)
1998 - CBT (Concept Bois Technologie)
2005 - ECOTIM (Production site)
2006 - LIFTEAM Savoie (Wood construction and TCE)
2012 - LIFTEAM Choisy (Wood construction and TCE)
2015 - CBS Guyane (Wooden structure concepts)
2018 - LIFTEAM Romandie (Wood construction and TCE)
  • Expertise in wood materials
  • Structural wood engineering
  • Wood & bio-sourced design-build
  • Biosourced TCE



Our philosophy

"More engineering, less material"
Wood is a renewable material, certainly, for all that, we optimize it with a view to saving the resource.

Our construction systems use local #lowtech wood that we combine with digital technology to go further in innovation.

By focusing on the resource, we can consume wood that is not sufficiently exploited, such as fir for example.

More engineering, more work, less material, less energy!



We are committed to being a creator of progress, a contributor and a sustainable member of society.

Our values

Innovation, Respect, Transmission.

Our commitments

Innovation is at the heart of all our projects. Most of our achievements hold records (height, span) or are pioneers in their category. All of them meet or exceed the energy and environmental standards in effect over the years.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation as our daily concern is to optimize with lowtech, natural, renewable, clean solutions that minimize the carbon footprint.
The protection of the forest "Only the increased use of wood in construction can save the world's forests" said our late mentor, Julius Natterer (1938-2021).

Diversity, be it ethnic, cultural, social, professional is considered an infinite source of good ideas. All ages, all styles from all continents are represented in our team.

Ethics are essential! The same for more than 30 years, as stated in our charter.