Pauline Roland High School, Chevilly-Larue (France)

Extension along the north wing of an existing two-story building, with the objective of accommodating 400 additional students. Construction, partially on stilts, including rooms dedicated to general and scientific education, duty rooms and a CPE (Senior Education Advisor) office. Green roof ;

Lifteam's services : construction of all trades including studies, supply and realization of the wood frame including the exterior walls of the facade, the interior walls, the floors and wood beams including lattice girders as well as the metal structure.

Project in all trades


  • Client : Région Île-de-France (Saint-Ouen, France)
  • Lead architect : Oyapock Architectes (Paris, France)
  • Associate architect : Cusy-Maraval Architecte (Montpellier, France)
  • Structural wood engineering office (EXE) : CBS (Choisy-le-Roi, France)
  • General contractor/Carpenter : Lifteam (Ile-de-France subsidiary, France)
  • Prefabrication : Ecotim (La Rochette, France)
  • Floor area / Usable area : 1036 / 1471 m²
  • Environmental approach : RT 2012 (Thermal regulation) - Objective E3C1 - NF label (French standard) for tertiary buildings
  • Amount of wood works : 850’000 € ex. VAT
  • Total amount of the works : 4 M € ex. VAT
  • Delivery date : 2021