Maison de la B, Mitry-Mory (France)

Construction of the new maintenance workshop at the terminus of the RER line B. A one-storey building including housing for the workers, the operational unit of production and a parking lot of 130 places ;

Lifteam's services : construction of all trades including studies, supply and execution of the timber frame walls, the post and beam structure, the O'portune® wooden floor, the external wooden decking, the insulation and waterproofing of the timber frame walls (by insufflation), the wooden cladding and the screens.

Project in all trades


  • Client : SNCF Réseau (Saint-Denis, France)
  • Architect : AREP, Design and Construction Department (Paris, France)
  • Wooden structure design office (EXE) : CBS (Choisy-le-Roi, France)
  • General Contractor/Carpenter : Lifteam (Ile-de-France subsidiary, France)
  • Prefabrication workshop : Ecotim (La Rochette, France)
  • Floor area / Useful area : 1052 / 1005 m²
  • Global amount of the works : 590'000 € ex. VAT
  • Delivery date : 2022