Biosourced TCE makes its mark in Paris area.


Extract "Jean-Luc Sandoz's team has become international and multicontinental, with offices in French Guiana and Switzerland, and holds patents for all kinds of constructive solutions that architects appreciate. It has a highly-qualified design office capable, for example, of correcting the initial wrong dimensioning of the Vanves sports facilities. Ecotim's production site is up and running, and projects are managed using bio-sourced TCE wherever possible, so that they never again fall foul of the majors. The approach of this Nimbus professor from Lausanne, who preferred to look for all the difficulties, is amply validated by the recognition of this multiplicity of awards. In short, all is well, except that Jean-Luc Sandoz is the sharpest observer of the ongoing climate catastrophe, the man behind Kyoto 2, the man who is asking the right questions."
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