Conference - Jorat Nature Park


"Tree, forest, wood and society", lecture by Jean-Luc Sandoz, Ph.

Jorat Nature Park Conference "Tree, forest, wood and society"

Open to the general public, this presentation by Jean-Luc Sandoz, Ph.D. of the CBS-Lifteam group will allow a broad overview of the potential of wood and biosourced construction, especially in local wood.

Will be highlighted the direct impacts for the benefit of:
- our environment,
- our local
- our leisure,
- our work,
- our life together and with the biodiversity,
- our architecture,
- our innovations.

With Sophie Chanel from the
Jorat Nature Park and Sébastien Droz from Cedotec - Office romand de Lignum who will talk about the Label Bois Suisse.

The territorial municipality of Lausanne and the associated municipalities of Epalinges, Jorat-Mézières and Jorat-Menthue have joined forces under the Jorat Nature Park Association to create the Jorat Nature Park. The label "Park of national importance" should be awarded by the Confederation in the summer of 2021.

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