International Wood Construction Forum 2021


CBS-LIFTEAM will be present at the Forum Bois Construction as a sponsor, from July 15 to 17 2021 at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris

In 2021, the CBS-Lifteam Group celebrates its 30 years of innovation in engineering and wood construction. From record spans in truss and wooden floor techniques to record heights, the group innovates with each project, always with an integrated environmental and societal approach.
"More engineering, less material" remains the motto of its founder Jean-Luc Sandoz since 1991, and it still inspires its employees and partners, all generations included.
For this 10th edition, Lifteam will build the ephemeral auditorium in curved CLT, designed by Steven Ware, with the particularity of being assembled in record time inside the Grand Palais Éphémère.

Our teams will welcome you on the PROMO8 booth from July 15 to 17 2021.


Friday, July 16, 2021 - Day 2

Theme of the day : Biosourced construction in the face of the carbon neutrality imperative

Session Chair : Luc Charmasson, President of CSF Bois, FR-Paris / Moderator: Christophe Mathieu, Director of FCBA, FR-Champs-sur-Marne


Conference at 5:20 pm : State of the world's forests, local wood construction. Titan, CNES technical space center, Kourou: R+3 in Angelica, wood from the Amazon forest managed by the ONF


Jean-Luc Sandoz, CBS-CBT, FR-Choisy-le-Roi