Les Journées de l'architecture - Discovering frugality !


"Wood as a providential remedy to the crisis", conference by Jean-Luc Sandoz, October 15, 2021 in Mulhouse

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The European House of Architecture organizes the 21st edition of the Days of Architecture, from 24.09 to 31.10.2021.
"This year, our cross-border festival, the Journées de l'architecture, is focusing on a highly topical theme that is particularly relevant in the complex period we have been living through for over a year: : Alternatives ? Architecture !
The association has chosen a theme that reflects the current issues in architecture, and which, more generally, allows to thematize the issues related to the crisis we are experiencing by suggesting and promoting solutions, issues and alternatives in architecture proposed on our territory and beyond.
Thus, this theme is clearly in line with an exploration of projects, materials and processes related to the ecological transition and offers the opportunity to highlight the dynamics of our cross-border region on this emblematic topic." Claude Denu, President of the European House of Architecture.
The program is rich and dynamic : bike tour to meet projects realized with bio-sourced and/or local materials, visits of reconversion projects or third places, exhibitions presenting frugal projects, activities for young people to raise awareness, installations which cross other artistic disciplines with architecture and which will open our eyes to other architectural horizons, numerous conferences.
See you this Friday, October 15, 2021 in Mulhouse for conferences on Happy and Creative Frugality !
With Philippe Madec, Julien Mussier, Matthieu Fuchs and Jean-Luc Sandoz.
Jean-Luc Sandoz will present at 2:30 pm the triple impact of optimized wood in construction. The theme: "Wood as a providential remedy to the crisis".
• Comparison of cost and added value (societal aspect) for the territory when building with wood (economic and financial balance) ;
• Energy comparison when building with traditional and bio-based materials (carbon balance) ;
• Comparison when building with more engineering and less material (environmental balance). Example of a building that could have been built with another 500 m3 of wood.

More information : Maison européenne de l'architecture