Prix Innovation Bio Top 2023 - LIGNUM


The aim of the BIO TOP wood innovation award is to encourage, support and promote innovation in the wood and bio-sourced materials sector.
Our "Concept Bois Technologie" subsidiary is taking part with a presentation of its latest innovation: the SYLVATEST 4.
It's new!
Sylvatest 4 works without cables! The probes are controlled by an application (Sylvius) to be installed on your smartphone, and all the equipment communicates via Bluetooth. Signal digitization is also possible.
Sylvatest 4 is the 4th generation of the SYLVATEST reference instrument, and is used to assess the quality of standing or structural wood.
Sylvatest 4 measures the propagation speed of ultrasonic waves travelling through the wood between two probes: one transmitting, the other receiving.
In addition, the peak energy (in mV) is recorded during measurement. A measurement takes less than 5 seconds. The SYLVIUS application has been specially developed to analyze Sylvatest 4 data.