Straw Construction - CAUE 94


Morning. Exact timings will be provided after your registration. Straw insulation now appears as one of the most virtuous alternatives to more conventional, synthetic, and mineral insulators. Indeed, straw boasts several advantages: it sequesters CO2, is natural, renewable, abundant, biodegradable, and can be locally sourced. Furthermore, it exhibits excellent thermal performance for both winter and summer comfort, especially when paired with an earthen plaster, making it an outstanding acoustic insulator. Additionally, its recognized durability is evidenced by some buildings that have stood for over a century. Straw construction is now a proven building method, benefitting from a well-organized sector where professional standards provide a regulatory framework for the use of straw bales as insulation and plaster support. CAUE 94 has invited Collect'IF Paille to initially address the historical, technical, and regulatory aspects of this roundtable. Professional standards issued by RFCP (French Straw Construction Network) will be explained. A more concrete and operational approach will be detailed in the second part, with the presentation of the Victor Schoelcher Nursery School in Épinay-sur-Seine. Corentin Desmichelle, the project's architect, and Jean-Luc Lemoine, director of works at the construction company CBS-LIFTEAM, will discuss the construction of this straw-insulated project. This roundtable will be followed by opportunities for discussion and debate on the potentials and challenges associated with straw construction. Francis LANDRON, architect and co-president [Collect’ If Paille] Corentin DESMICHELLE, Architect, manager [Atelier Desmichelle] Jean-Luc LEMOINE, Works Director [CBS-LIFTEAM] More at: CAUE 94 Construction Paille