Sylvatest: From Bafoussam to Valère!


SYLVATEST: From Bafoussam to Valère!
An innovative tool for wood durability: swissmade & worldwilde since 1990.
During a day open to the public, the Basilique de Valère in Sion (VS) will reveal the secrets of its restoration using SYLVATEST, invented by Dr. Ing. Jean-Luc Sandoz. The world's leading expert in timber construction will be on hand to present a diagnostic study of the age-old building's timber structures. In 2001-2002, the SYLVATEST tool was used for non-destructive testing to restore the beams, mainly made of larch and oak. The aim of fully preserving the site, as desired by the Service Immobilier du Patrimoine (SIP), has now been achieved. This demonstrative and educational tour is carried out with the support of the Musées cantonaux de l'État du Valais.
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