Residential Building in Jussy (Switzerland)

Client: Protestant Church of Geneva (EPG)

Architect: Tanari Architects & Urbanists (Thônex, GE)

Civil Engineer: OU³ (Thônex, GE)

Wooden Structures Consultant: CBT (Saint-Sulpice, CH)

Wooden Construction: Lifteam Romandie SA

Floor Area: 1,064 m² (built volume 3,244 m³ SIA 416) Delivery: 2023

Program: Construction of a 2-story residential building, including a basement.

Engineering Services: Wood engineering study for phases 41 and 51 to 53.

Construction Services: Installation and manufacturing of wood components: Insulated box frame structure, insulated wood frame walls with cladding attached to masonry, balconies with wood cladding attached to wood frame facades.

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