Sports hall and multi-purpose hall, Papaïchton (French Guiana, 973)

The project is dedicated to the existing secondary school in Papaïchton, an isolated site in French Guiana. 

The project is part of a bio-mimetic approach, drawing its inspiration from the structure of coconut palms, in particular for their long-span capacity, with savings in materials and a solidity/flexibility ratio. 

It comprises 2 distinct entities:

1. The covered sports field, which includes the playing area, changing rooms, storage and 1 office.

2. The multi-purpose hall, comprising a large room that can be used as a refectory, a kitchen, staff rooms and toilets. 

The project was guided by
- a bioclimatic design with autonomous lighting and natural ventilation.

- an attempt to minimise the project's carbon footprint by using local wood, harvested in Papaïchton itself, the cubing of which resulted in significant CO2 storage. 

- a desire to minimise the impact on the immediate environment, by limiting earthworks and encouraging soil permeability: preserving the existing vegetation, planting the surroundings and the area between the two buildings, and using evergreen for the car parks. Full soil also helps to prevent the surrounding area from overheating by preserving its humidity and avoiding the albedo effect caused by artificial surfaces, as well as limiting run-off during the rainy season (this is supported by landscape work along these lines, with valleys and plants placed accordingly). 

  • Client: Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane (Cayenne, 973)
  • Architect: Franck Brasselet, JAG - Jungle Architecture Group
  • Timber structure BET: CBS Guyane
  • Structural design engineer: GITCE
  • Carpenter: OGBTP
  • Supply : Angelica wood
  • Surface area: 1860m2
  • Environmental approach: RT 2012 objective
  • Total value of work: €3.6m excluding VAT
  • Year of completion: 2023
  • JAG

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