Design office (CBS and CBT)

The CBS-Lifteam Group can rely on its subsidiaries Concepts Bois Structure (France) and Concept Bois Technologie (Switzerland) for the design of timber structure structures, from small to very large spans.

Expertise (CBS and CBT)

The design offices CBS and CBT, some of the world's most specialised entities for expertise in timber structures, have developed non-destructive testing tools.

Production (Ecotim)

Ecotim is a workshop that produces prefabricated wooden elements (frames, slabs, fully integrated wooden structures) for the construction of housing, public, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Construction (Lifteam)

For the work part, the CBS-Lifteam group can rely on Lifteam, based in La Rochette (73) and Choisy-le-Roi (94). This entity will handle projects in the work phase, either in separate batches, in macro batches or in TCE (all trades).

Structural systems

The CBS-Lifteam Group has developed highly innovative structural and constructive timber systems that are totally oriented towards HEQ.

Last info

Michelet High School, Vanves

Michelet High School's sports facilities undergoing major renovations.

Aqualudic swimming pool, France

It's back to school at the aqualudic pool of the Stade Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes !

Demountable auditorium building system

Agora demountable auditorium system launched by architects Studio Andrew Todd and carpenters CBS-Lifteam

Laboratory assessment, fire resistance

Assessment of the fire behaviour of the process of large span floors designed by CBS

ALN | Atelien Architecture Exhibition

Le Groupe CBS-LIFTEAM soutient l'exposition de l'Agence ALN | Atelien Architecture, du 12 septembre au 5 octobre 2019 à la galerie...

Kalus Roussel Exhibition

Le Groupe CBS-LIFTEAM soutient l'exposition de l'Agence Kalus Roussel, du 18 avril au 15 mai 2019 à la Galerie d'Architecture de...

Inauguration of "La Ruche " preschool


Renewal of D-Dalle technical notice

L'avis technique D-Dalle est renouvelé pour trois ans jusqu'au 30 avril 2021

Polux 5

Nouvelle génération POLUX avec le POLUX 5

Inauguration de l'Espace Ardea-Alba