Strength grading machine for logs

LOGAMATIC is a strength grading machine using ultrasound in order to grade logs mechanical performances.

LOGAMATIC measures transversally fed logs thanks to two transducers: the emitter and the receiver. Moisture content and local density of wood are complementary data to grade wood with the best yields.

Several pairs of transducers can be installed in parallel in order to increase the grading speed.

SCIERIUS software analyses LOGAMATIC grading data and manages the logistics around the machine (grading mode, box affectation, reporting).


Grading speed 5 seconds / log (without logs path)
Measuring length Up to 8-10 m
Logs feeding Transversally
Parameters registerd Time of flight of low frequency ultrasound waves (22 KHz)
  Wood local density
  Wood moisture content
  Wood length
  Diameter (option)
SCIERIUS software LOGAMATIC data analysis software for PC (Windows)


LOGAMATIC is a logs grading machine for structural timber applications.