Regional agricultural events center, Aumont-Aubrac (France)


 Building designed to host agricultural competitions and events for the cattle, horse, sheep, goat and wine industries

Wooden structure study, basic mission + EXE

  • Client : Community of Communes of the Terre de Peyre (France)
  • Architect : Fabriques Architectures (Fourneaux, France)
  • Economist : Philippe Bergès Architecte (Figeac, France)
  • Wood design office : CBS (Choisy-le-Roi, France)
  • Thermal engineering office : Hélair Ingénierie (Cublize, France)
  • Concrete design office : J.-P. Colomb (Balbigny, France)
  • Roads, networks and sewerage : Oxyria (Fourneaux, France)
  • Carpenter : Gemarin Frères SARL (Aumont-Aubrac, France)
  • Surface : 3000 m²
  • Amount of works : 2'156'000 € ex. VAT
  • Delivery : 2010


This project was awarded the First Prize 2011 of the Palmarès Construction bois environnement du Languedoc-Roussillon.


This project was also awarded the Second National Prize for Wood Construction 2012.



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