Sylvatest 4

Nondestructive technology using ultrasounds for wood quality assessment

New !

Sylvatest 4 is wireless! The transducers are managed by an App (Sylvius) to be installed on a smartphone or handheld computer and the equipment works with Bluetooth. Signal digitalization is possible.

Sylvatest 4 is the 4th generation of the key reference device SYLVATEST designed to estimate wood quality assessment from the standing trees to the structural components.

Sylvatest 4 measures the time of flight of ultrasonic waves in the wood between two transducers: the emitter and the receiver.

Additionally, the peak of energy of the transmitted waves is recorded (mV).

A measurement takes no longer than several seconds.

The SYLVIUS App has been specifically developed to analyze Sylvatest 4 data and manage the transducers.

• Forbidden City, Beijing, Chine

• Hôtel des Invalides, Paris, France

• CERN globe, Geneva, Switzerland

• Mairie d’Abries, Abries, France

• Multi activities Center, Saint Pierre d’Entremont, France

• Hôtel Royal, Montreux, Switzerland

• Regional Natural Park, Chartreuse, France

• Regional Natural Park, Haut Jura, France



Transducer dimensions 185 mm x 52 mm
Transducer weight 405 g
Connectors Wireless (Bluetooth)
Battery Rechargeable battery (USB)
Sylvius App App for Sylvatest 4 : to manage the transducers and collect the data
Delivery Pair of transducers, Sylvius App, conic drill, charging cables, carrying case









Structural beams mechanical grading (round or square)

Sylvatest 4 is the ideal tool to evaluate the mechanical properties of a wooden structural component thanks to longitudinal measurements (fibers’ direction).

Those measurements can be “direct” (transducers facing each other) or “indirect” (transducers applied with an angle).

The measurements can be performed for both : square (beams, sawing, GLT…) and round (logs, poles…) profiles.

For the usual species, Sylvatest 4 data can be translated into a mechanical strength class defined by standards (EN338 for Europe).

Sylvius App interprets immediately Sylvatest 4 data in displaying the mechanical strength class of the measured beams.



Standing trees diagnostic

Sylvatest 4 can be used in order to evaluate standing trees degradation thanks to radial measurements (perpendicular to wood fibers).

The result gives a trunk degradation ratio : this is the difference between the measured specimen and a sound tree of the same species and same diameter.

Sylvius App interprets immediately Sylvatest 4 data in illustrating the result with a graphic.



Building expertise

Sylvatest T4 is the key tool for wooden structures experts. The mechanical residual strength can be evaluated for any wooden structural component from the slabs to the frame as well for historical buildings as for newer ones (Glue laminated timber etc.).

Thanks to Sylvatest 4 results, maintenance or reinforcement priorities can be clearly identified.

Sylvius App allows an immediate diagnostic based on Sylvatest 4 data.



Telecom/Utility new wood poles quality management (Luxpole)

Sylvatest 4 is the key tool for Luxpole concept (ref. Luxpole section).



In addition to the training sessions on the technology, CBS-CBT experts can carry out expert assessments with the Sylvatest 4 for each of its applications.

They are also available to define the most appropriate protocols for any new application.