Pôle Territorial de Solidarité de Langon (33)

Description: This ERP (public building) is made of 100% biosourced and geosourced materials, including the Maison du Département des Solidarité (social services department), a Relais de pays "biblio.gironde" (local library), a facility to help people with Alzheimer's disease, and a Pôle Jeunesse Territorial (youth center).

Services: The building includes a closed shell and MOB (modular wooden construction) insulated with straw and coated with clay.

Client: Département de la Gironde (Gironde departmental council)

Mandatory: Eovest bâtiment| Delta Construction

Project management assistance: Yaël LARROZE LESS is MORE

Architect: ABF-LAB, Architecture & Milieux Ambiants Wood structure engineering (execution): CBS

Carpenter: Lifteam

Supplier: Ecotim

Clay coating: Matière Chanvre

Floor area: 2400 m2

Total cost : 6'500’000 €

Delivery: April 2025


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